we are spatherdab

about us

spatherdab is an obscure, almost forgotten, old english word meaning chatterer, gossip, scandal-monger; “a woman who goes from house to house dispensing news.”

since i have spent 30 years as a sports journalist whose pressbox chatter was dispensed house to house (thanks to another obscure, soon-to-be-forgotten entity, the newspaper carrier); and since i intend to use this space for chatter, gossip and scandal-mongering — not to mention rants, poems, scathing observations and anything else that explodes out of my cranium — it seems a more than fitting handle.

about me

i like to throw things around. like words. and paint.
the occasional f-bomb.

i do a very good curmudgeon impression when things annoy me. which is often.

i’m trying to not be so easily annoyed. to find the zen in the moment. to become a kinder, more compassionate creature.
to peace out, mang.

it’s hard.

oh, one other thing: i type pretty much everything in lower case. not because i think i’m cool or trendy or hip or beat or funky. i do it simply because I’M LAZY. i type pretty fast, in general, and i hate having to slow down and stretch my pinkies over to the shift keys just to put a capital letter on something. it takes way more effort than it’s worth. so, in the interests of digital energy conservation, i don’t bother.

hey, we all have our quirks. that’s mine. that and making sure all the shirts in my closet hang facing the same way.
OK, so i have two quirks.

don’t get me started.


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