the lights are off but i still have a cyber home


Sweetwater, acrylic on canvas, 60×72, by Edmonton artist Laurie MacFayden

If you’ve tried to visit lately, you’ll have discovered that my artist/writer website is not accessible at the moment. It’s getting a long overdue facelift but will be back up shortly.

In the meantime, I’m happy to remind you that my third collection of poems, Walking Through Turquoise, will be published in September as part of Quartet 2017, the annual four-pack of poetry titles from Frontenac House. Stay tuned for details about Alberta launch events.

And for those of you who couldn’t make it to my recent art sale, here’s a gallery of some of my paintings.

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zen and the art of anyone


anyone could’ve done that anyone could’ve painted that my kid coulda painted that hell, lucy the elephant coulda painted that dip her trunk into a pot of colour and just BLOW just blow and fling and dance and freakin’ sing all that damn sensitive touchy feely colour to the uppity drippity boppity bippity abstract (?) expressionist(!) WTF (?!) express this, express my artsy fartsy ass that looks like a chicken exploded on top of a puking clown oh action painting oh you call that art? you call that art well i don’t know much about art but i know what i don’t like and i don’t like anyone hanging up shit like that on a wall where just anyone can see it because it is not it’s not it’s not … CLEAR. what it is, is it’s all over the place it’s all over the map and it’s a muddy murky map and it’s dark and it’s light and it’s black and it’s white and why did she make that eye look so sad and why does that red just snake off and out of the questionable frame why is it not CONTAINED why is there not more blue, that’s a colour i like and approve of why is it not tulips in a vase or a lady in a garden why not some poppies? or a nice bit of recognizable sky why would anyone want to pay to see this this this piece of random blat that anyone’s two-year-old could’ve chalked on a moving sidewalk I JUST DON’T GET IT why anyone ANYONE could have done better and that is why anyone with half a mind half a brain half a crayon could make a better pit-cher than this ANYONE COULD NO ONE SHOULD see this and think it is art it is impertinent it is obscene it is a JOKE and it’s not even funny and as anyone and everyone knows, what i say and i see goes and i say anyone who likes this is looking through their nose. anyone, ANYONE could see that.