Book launch, Kissing Keeps Us Afloat

audreys books, 10702 jasper ave., edmonton7 p.m.  

launch of quartet 2014 featuring new work by poets laurie macfayden, david bateman,
sharanpal ruprai and joan shillington.

this book celebrates the unbridaled joy of romance and the colour red.

launch1kissing keeps us afloat is full of water and trees, animals and birds, lovers and liars.

we are lied to our entire lives — by our parents,
our siblings, our teachers, our intimates — and yet somehow we survive being lied to and live
to lust again.

this book is about the lust. the burgeoning. the lying. it’s about night swimming. and kissing. so much kissing.

colours. mostly red; but also the blues, the pinks, the sparking golden cymbal crashes of hormones and the ever-hopeful crushes of the human heart. the greens of nature. the lights and darks of the sky, of the human spirit.

yes, virginia, kissing keeps us afloat.

kissing = romance = love.

the state of being in love is all about floating, after all, isn’t it?

in love we float along as if on clouds, as if being carried away by a happy, effervescent stream.

my name is laurie and i like to write about the possibilities of love; of bobbing, floating, keeping our hearts and heads above water.

because love is the lifeline, and the reality is, we’re all drowning.