you think

you-bl.jpgyou think you blind
you ain’t seen blackness

you think you pure
you ain’t seen lightness

you think you holy
ain’t nothin’ about you that’s sacred

you think you unclean
you ain’t tasted filth

you think you limitless
you ain’t carried freedom’s chain

you think you outraged
you barely breathin’, girl

you think you crimson
lady, you don’t know red

you think you less than honest
you starin’ at the queen of lies

you think you disadvantaged
you ain’t seen real trouble

you think you scarred
you don’t know disfigurement

you think you damaged
you ain’t torched your own skin

you think you fooling everybody
tremblin’ behind that weak-ass mask

you think you untouchable
you may be right about that one


9 responses to “you think

  1. I feel it is those “somethings” that inspire many poems and songs – and here you have captured so many of those somethings. As well as the feeling I get at the moment of inspiration. Great work.

  2. thanks for the comments, everybody. this was posted in response to last week’s Totally Optional Prompt to write in a different voice — and this is definitely not my own voice. (not sure whose it is, actually.)

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