after all, it was you and me

i wore my lover’s garden faux-Crocs to work today. only partly because it is joyously hot and i’m growing weary of socks; mostly because i was half asleep when I walked out the door. still kinda sticky and buzzing from the opening night of folkfest. conscious enough, however, to remember to grab the headphones & plug in the shuffle for a little musical inspiration on the slow stroll to the bus stop … because some mornings ya gotta wake up the ears first, and if you’re lucky the brain and mouth eventually, if somewhat reluctantly, will fall into step as well.

the unit is always on random play, so i sleepwalked through melissa etheridge’s similar features and managed to dodge the morning rush hour traffic (considerably thinner than usual, due to august vacations) while marianne faithful husked out as tears go by. as the trusty ol’ #106 turned off the quesnell bridge and curled around into fox drive, i skipped over rufus wainwright’s version of hallelujah and love hurts by nazareth in search of something to grab me with both hands and yank me into TGIF mode. and then bingo — there it was, sympathy for the devil. the perfect anthem to jack me through those office doors and into the corporate elevator … because it’s friday, it’s day 2 of the edmonton folk music festival, and sometimes ya just need a little mick ta get the synapses over the hump for that 9 a.m. meeting.

see ya on the hill …


One response to “after all, it was you and me

  1. gracias spatherdab for any words… re: music… have you tried Paula Cole’s Mississippi? check her out (Paula NOT Holly Cole, thank heavens)

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